Otter Lake Lane 2018

We have beavers.... they've dammed up the creek that runs from Otter Lake (our 'back yard') into Carson Lake (our 'front yard'). Here is John cleaning out a culvert that the head beaver jammed up to make a dam. We'll see how THAT goes...

Beaver wars 2.

Getting there...

This will eventually be the view from our bed out our patio doors (we have a little balcony off the bedroom).

Autumn leaves across the lake, viewed from Roxanne's rock.

a little further...

Really??!?! Snow??!?!!

Windows 1.

Windows 2.

Tidiest electrical panel ever.

Lots and lots of insulation.

John pretending to be an electrician.

Our road in and out ... and it's just November...!

We had lots of time when nothing was happening with the house, so we put in a tin ceiling.

Roxanne and Amber making a skating rink.

Waterworks 1: We now have water in the house! We have a 'dug well' (not drilled). The water level is 12-1/2 ft below the rim of the well - the same level as the lake, and the water at the bottom is 3-1/2 ft deep. Basically, we have lake water filtered through a lot of sand.

Waterworks 2: A pipe from the well comes in through the hole down at the lower left of this blue pressure tank and is stored in the tank. It then goes through the canister filter (lower, clear cylinder on the right) and a UV filter (upper metal cylinder) and then through the house.

Our little buddy Herman.

Carson Lake winter.

We've started tiling the bathrooms. Tiling is a poor job choice for perfectionists...

John still has electrician-envy.

Basement door.

Closer to completion1

Closer to completion2

Flooring begins!