Canada: summer 2017

In memory of Tim.

Bug season in Barry's Bay! We spent a couple weeks helping out around Roxanne's Mom's place.

Road to Halifax 1: Our daughter Amber finished her last courses for her nursing degree on Friday June 16, then packed her apartment into a couple of U-Boxes (U-Haul's new shipping containers). We all then drove out to Halifax for her last 2-month placement, starting on Monday June 19...

Road to Halifax 2.

Peggy's Cove.

After our daughter settled in, Roxanne and John moved out to a lake near Bridgewater for some quiet and tranquility...

We heard about a campground called The Ovens on the South Shore (there is an array of about a dozen caves along the coast that look like a row of ovens). This spot was also a gold-rush site during Nova Scotia's 1861 gold rush. (Internet photo - we didn't have a boat!)

The Ovens cliffs.


We have a friend from Toronto who lives in a co-operative farm in Scotch River. They decided to look into the local history of their area and sponsored a Community Gathering and Honouring of Ancestors one weekend.

Roxanne went to a Butterfly Release Ceremony in Barry's Bay. Anyone could release a monarch butterfly and offer any intention they liked.

Lots of butterflies!

In case you ever need to know the sex of a monarch butterfly, males have two dark spots on their lower back wings and females don't.

We went to our niece's wedding near Moncton, NB. It was a country wedding out on a big farm.

The bride and groom showed up in a horse and buggy.

Wedding crowd.

Here's Johnney!

There are tall ships all over Nova Scotia this summer. These were in a small town called St. Peter's.

Summer 2017

Exciting times! We'd been thinking about getting a Canadian home-base, and finally bought a piece of land on a lake up near Barry's Bay, ON. The plan is to tear down the old cottage that's currently there and build a 4-season home over the next year.

View south, from inside the old cottage.

On the point, looking NW.

Ummmmh.... aren't you missing a few steps...?