Belize: Mar.2015

The green iguana refuge in San Ignacio.

The locals call this tree the tourist tree 'cause it's red and peeling...

We spent a couple nights in El Sombrero ecolodge in Guatemala. There was no power at night and we were in the middle of the jungle. This is the view out the window (black!), while the howler monkeys started up. El Sombrero had crocodiles swimming around the dock (no swimming!!), and made surprisingly good pizza.

At the top of the sun temple at the Yaxha' ruins in Guatemala, up above the jungle canopy. The walls are steep and it's a long ways down... Through a happy coincidence, we arrived there on the equinox and stayed for the sunset. Yaxha' was a town of 20,000 people who all mysteriously disappeared around the year 900 CE.

Thank-you's and good-bye's.

Taking photos at the Little Stars Pre-school spring break parade.

We’re coming up to another transition as our time in Belize comes to an end in mid-April. We’ve been travelling for almost 2 years now, and we're watching the changes in us. We've now pretty effectively disconnected from the life we were leading before we undertook this adventure.

Interestingly, the Zen koan John is working on right now is: ** Jizô asked Hôgen, "Where are you going, senior monk?" Hôgen said, "I am on pilgrimage, wandering with the wind." Jizô said, "What is pilgrimage?" Hôgen said, "I don’t know." Jizô said, "Non-knowing is most intimate." Hôgen suddenly attained great enlightenment. **

We’re definitely in the “I don’t know” camp, and most of the time we now seem ridiculously relaxed and contented. There doesn’t seem to be any compelling interest to change course at this time, so it looks like we’ll continue this adventure...

Sunset yoga. Roxanne is under the left armpit of the guy on the left. Photo credit: M&M

Mac buddies.

Roxanne's favourite Belize picture.