Canada: autumn 2017

Our nephew Zac on sax, at the Rainbow Bistro, Ottawa.

We spent November in Brockville, down on the St. Lawrence River.

View off our balcony.

Happy Day 1.

Happy Day 2.

With Grandma.


RN Pinning Ceremony.

Railway tunnel in Brockville. The town upgraded the "oldest railway tunnel in Canada" and turned it into a tourist attraction.

Railway tunnel in Brockville.

We went on a Zen retreat for 4 days straddling Rohatsu - the Dec. 8 anniversary of the Buddha's enlightenment.

The Zen sesshin (retreat) was held at Mount Carmel Monastery, about 200m from Niagara Falls - we could go for walks and look at the Falls during the breaks. There was a store where the monks sold wine and other things like this monkish little statue (about 6" tall). It's called "When I Was a Stranger"


Our cottage, which will be replaced with a lake house next summer.

Bad Hair Day at the Experimental Farm, Ottawa.

Found this on the internet - the 'BEFORE' picture is an arch called the Azure Window in Malta, that we walked to a couple of years ago. It fell down a year ago.... glad we were able to see it while it was still there.

Wild Women.... we bought an ATV to use as a snow plow and an emergency vehicle. This was one of the test drives.