India: Apr. 2016

Our Sri Lankan visas were expiring so we flew to Trivandrum (Thiruvananthapuram) in India and settled on the beach in a little town called Kovalam.

Why people go to Kovalam.

Indian Coffee Houses were started by the British in the 1940's, but in the 1950's for some reason they decided to close them all down and put all the workers out of work. In response, the communist party got the workers together and founded a co-op. The coffee houses have existed ever since, now run by the employees who share ownership. This is an interesting one - a long spiral that 'looks like a cross between a lighthouse and a pigeon coop'.

Inside the spiral Indian Coffee House. The waiters dressed in 'starched white and peacock headdresses' run up and down the spiral delivering delicious coffee (India is a coffee producer), snacks and meals.

We went back to Bodhi Zendo again for a 5-day Zen retreat. (the tab for 'Part II: India 2014' has the photos from the first visit). Something is always in bloom...!

Even the coffee plants are in bloom - what a beautiful fragrance!

Lotus and lilies in one of the Zen garden ponds. Ama Samy the Zen teacher gave a talk last night. Favourite part: “Reality is mystery, and that mystery is graciousness.”

Coconut lady.

In the entrance of Barefoot B & B in Chennai - our last stop in India. The two white 'flowers' in the front are made with rice flower - many drawings on sidewalks and porches done like this.

Bye-bye India...