Carson Lake: 2018

The ice is melting on Carson Lake. We will start building our new home when the ground is thawed and the building permits are all approved.

This is what the original cottage looked like on our land.

First visitors to our new property.

Demolition of the old cottage. Going...

... going ...

... gone!

Foundation excavation.

Our dock.

Footings 1

Footings 2

Every year in Barry's Bay there is a butterfly release ceremony for people who have suffered a loss.


We got the trusses in... now we just have to get the truck out! The strategy that finally worked was using the truck crane to tie onto the base of a tree directly ahead, then using the crane to pull the truck out.

Foundation done.

Garage pad done.

Septic system.

Septic tank naughty-and-nice list.

Roxanne's rock. This rock only had about a square foot of rock sticking out above ground when our excavator guy was digging a drain for our weeping tiles. When she saw it in all it's glory, Roxanne claimed it!

Some of the LSL's (laminated structural lumber - big laminated beams) never got delivered (!?!!), so the crew built us our garage while they were waiting...