Canada: summer2014

We stayed out with Roxanne's Mom in Barry's Bay, ON for a few weeks in April. Here's a young moose walking across her yard.

Overnight in Toronto, on the way to a Zen retreat near Penticton, BC.

Richard Armstrong, an aboriginal ecologist and Syilx band knowledge keeper, took us on a tour of his people's lands near Naramata, BC.

In praise of the salmon, who accepts the hard life of travelling all the way out to the ocean, then returning back to us.

Standard wear for Ontario cottage country this year, thanks to a bumper crop of black flies and mosquitoes! This is especially noticeable after coming back from the Okanogan region in BC, which has no biting bugs. We're actively looking for a bug-free region of Ontario - there must be some micro-climate out there somewhere...

Mt. Tremblant 1: We spent most of June renting a pied-à-terre (baby condo) at Mt. Tremblant, a beautiful and sophisticated Quebec ski resort. There were great hiking trails there -most days we hiked either up or down the mountain. No charge to ride the gondola down, but $20 each to go up!

Mt. Tremblant 2: View from the top of the ski hill. Mt. Tremblant village is the small cluster of buildings by the lake at the beginning of the video - we were staying in a condo across the street from the little village. It took us about 2 hours to hike from the village to the summit, an 800 m difference in elevation.

Laughing nuns. Photo on the bathroom wall of the Airbnb place where we stayed on the Bonnechere River near Eganville.

Bonnechere River near the Bonnechere caves.

Eganville to Fourth Chute Paddle and Fiddle, July 12th, 2014 - 65 people, 45 boats, and 2 fiddles!

Our anniversary, July 18.

Zen meditation retreat in Durham, North Carolina.

We've started looking around for a 'home base' in Canada. One interesting place we looked at had a cave.

We spent a month out near Shediac, NB, wandering around the southern coast of New Brunswick. We're starting to go on long walks again to train for the Shikoku pilgrimage route in Japan this autumn.