After finishing the Camino Portugues, we moved down to Valencia on the Mediterranean coast. What a delightful city! Here is Roxanne hanging out with one of her spoonbill buddies at the Valencia zoo.

The Mediterranean coast in Valencia. John denies that the weird giggle at the end was his - there must have been some other person or perhaps a weird bird nearby... Roxanne kindly suggested that it might be a dolphin in the distance...!

Pulpo (octopus) for sale - yum!

On the importance of good market research...

Air Berlin offered some cheap flights, so we headed over to Mallorca. This is a video from the castle in Palma.


Lazy day on the (rocky) beach.

We went up to Soller in northern Mallorca on an old train right out of Agatha Christie, then went hiking in the mountains near there. The mountains were very rugged, but the trails were all groomed and hand-made out of stones; a strange contrast...

Bridge near Soller.

Rastafarian pigeon in Valencia.